Support For ACT Government Club Diversification Support Fund

Support For ACT Government Club Diversification Support Fund

Aug 20, 2018

Support For ACT Government Club Diversification Support Fund

Support For Government’s Club Diversification Support Fund Support For Government’s Club Diversification Support Fund

Canberra Community Clubs welcomes and strongly endorses today’s announcement by the ACT Government of the Club Diversification Support Fund and the Pathway to 4000 Gaming Machines report. The announcement, which embraces recommendations made in a report commissioned by the Government and conducted by Neville Stevens AO, provides Clubs with the opportunity to create new revenue streams, reduce reliance on gaming machine revenues, and develop the skills and capacity needed to ensure Canberra retains a sustainable and vibrant community Club industry.'

Canberra Community Clubs Chair, Athol Chalmers, outlined the importance of this announcement for the Club industry. “This announcement today by the Government is a potential game changer for our industry. Through a combination of incentives to surrender gaming machine authorisations and the establishment of a Diversification Support Fund, the Government has created the opportunity for many of our Clubs to convert aspirations into reality. For small to medium sized Clubs in particular, creating new revenue streams is an aspiration which is in most cases simply beyond their financial capabilities. This package changes that. It provides Clubs, both large and small, with the opportunity for significant financial relief together with strong support for investment in skills development and human capital. The latter is a particularly important long-term issue if the industry is to evolve and remain relevant in the rapidly changing world that Clubs operate in.”

Today’s announcement also provides Clubs with a level of policy certainty that has been missing for many years. Mr Chalmers noted: “The policy certainty provided by today’s announcement is critical. By committing to no changes to key elements for 5 years from May 2020, the Government is providing the industry with the confidence it needs to undertake the significant investments required to restructure business models and lay the foundation for long term sustainability. Canberra Community Clubs now looks forward to working with the Government on the implementation of the package announced today.”
Mr Chalmers also congratulated Mr Stevens on the consultation process and quality of his final report. “Neville Stevens has done an outstanding job. He consulted deeply with the industry, he was genuinely engaged and open to ideas, and he was transparent in sharing with Clubs his views and thinking. Mr Stevens’ report has been a catalyst for creating an opportunity for the industry to move forward in a constructive way working collaboratively with Government to achieve the shared vision of shaping a Club industry in Canberra which is strong, diverse and community focussed.” 


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